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STP Trade develops software for the financial industry using Microsoft technologies in the cloud. We believe that by reducing the operational overhead, financial institutions are in a better position to focus on their core business, leaving the management of their IT infrastructure and even some Business Support functions for specialist companies to deal with. STP Trade will develop and implement bespoke solutions for you, or we can help you move your applications to the cloud, engaging your organisation with the specialist service providers to take on the day–to–day management of your application support needs.

STP Trade have successfully developed an online accountancy application that utilises Azure, Microsoft public cloud. The application is built for accountants and their clients who can record expenses, invoices, file vat returns to HMRC automatically and see their up to date financial position, including trial balance, balance sheet, tax liability and P/L. More details here. Additionally, we have two other applications in development that we will bring to market in 2013.